So scoutet der SC Freiburg: Zusammenhalt und blindes Verständnis


 ​With extremely small financial resources, SC Freiburg always manages to establish itself in the Bundesliga. Scouting also helps to find players who are helpful in sport and later financially valuable and train them under Christian Streich. As you are used to from the SC: only one size smaller.

The picture reports in the "Scouting Report" for SC Freiburg that the club - as well as in matters of transfers and contracts - does not want to have their cards looked at when scouting. One is too dependent on successful discoveries, which can grow and learn under Christian Streich. 

Usual means: make small players into big players

Like every club that is structurally smaller and not as broadly positioned financially as most of its competitors, it is important for Freiburg to discover players as early as possible who can later be sold at a great profit. So the example of Caglar Söyüncü; Signed in 2016 for 2.65 million euros, sold to Leicester in 2018 for around 21 million euros. In addition to the almost eightfold win, there was also the sporting added value over the two years. 

"Overall, we do it like all other clubs. Smaller a bit, as we are as a club," said sports director Klemens Hartenbach to the picture . "We do ninety percent like the others and we want to keep the other ten percent to ourselves. I don't want to show that to the outside world."

"Special ten percent" - blind understanding by prank

At the SC, this special ten percent should consist primarily of the factors of cohesion and very good understanding. Hartenbach has known trainer Christian Streich for over thirty years, and both have been working in the Black Forest club for what feels like forever . In this way, Streich does not have to be consulted on any personnel issues right from the start, which means that he can fully concentrate on his job as a coach. 

Both understand and know each other. "It's certainly not a disadvantage when recruiting if you know the coach well. Christian knows how I think about football and I know how the coach thinks," said Hartenbach. This blind understanding makes the respective work easier for all parties. In addition, four scouts work for Freiburg worldwide - not much, but successfully. Players who have matured at the SC, such as Luca Waldschmidt, who is now a national player , symbolize the good work. Even a Vincenzo Grifo, who undoubtedly has a lot of talent, only seems to work properly under pranks. 

For the SC sports director, however, the topic of scouting is considered too important: "Scouting is being hung too high for me at the moment. It's a tool that the club has at its disposal." A working tool that regularly and continuously helps the club not only to keep the class, but also to put down successful series like at the current start of the season.