Arsenal Star Hector Bellerin Hits Back at Critics Following Controversial Comments About AFTV


​Arsenal's Hector Bellerin has taken to social media to slam critics calling him out over the comments he made about ​Arsenal FanTV.

The Spanish full-back appeared to speak at Oxford University recently, ​and was asked for his opinion on the YouTube channel - famed for the production of reactionary videos to Gunners games, many of which go viral when the team lose.

Bellerin had questioned the motives of the channel, and ripped in to the notion of it 'making money off of the club's failures'.

In the past, show host Robbie has interviewed many fans straight after heavy or unlikely defeats, resulting in huge viewing figures and football fans are at a point now whereby any Gunners defeat is almost certain to prompt extreme anticipation for the plethora of videos that will follow later in the day.

His comments have divided the fanbase, with some of the opinion that Bellerin is correct in his assessment and that AFTV are 'an embarrassment', while others believe the defender is disrespecting the club's paying supporters.

Now, Bellerin has taken to Twitter to comment on the escalated situation. He wrote: "There's some misleading quotes going around. At no point have I criticised Arsenal fan base. I have nothing but respect for all the support we get through ups & downs. I just voiced my opinion about a platform. Guess some people just can't take opinions about themselves.

"Anyway, in the @OxfordUnion talk I spoke about Mental Health, Healthy Life Balace, Racism which @RhianBrewster9 and many are subjects of in football, and other key society problems. Maybe we should focus on all opening up about these also.."

One thing is for sure; Bellerin is entitled to his opinion just as the fans are, but it remains to be seen what kind of reception he will receive when he turns out next for the north Londoners.